Saturday, June 28, 2008
Jom Buat Cookies Raya


Hari Raya Special
2008 Hari Raya Edition

Dapur Nora is pleased to present a cookie class by Mas Delight from Kuala Lumpur.

Guest Instructor

Madam Mastura of Mas Delight has many years teaching experience and well liked by the culinary community in Malaysia. She has graciously accepted our request to teach and impart some NEW & INTERESTING COOKIES RECIPES with us. Her sharing of food knowledge will always inspire students to bake scrumptious cookies. Please do not miss her delicious cookies!!!

Venue: Dapur Nora, Singapore
Date: Saturday, 26 July 2008
Time: 10am
Class Fees Per Person: S$100.00
Notes: Refreshments is provided

Deadline to book: 21 July 2008

List Of Cookies:

1. Cashewnut Chocolate Crunchy

2. Cashewnut Sugee

3. Chocolate Crunchy

4. Chocolate Kisses

5. Chocolate Oats

6. Crunchy Cornflakes

7. Green Crystal Lace

8. Japanese Chocolate Rainbow

9. Lazaros

10. Lovely Orange

11. Parmesan Cheese

12. Samarinda

13. Sandy Keju

14. Strawberry Chocolate Tarts

15. Toasted Coconut

How to register or pay?

Please email with your name and your contact number and I will send you the payment instructions. You will need to make full payment in order to register for the class.

All fees must be paid by 21 July 2008. No fees refunded for any last minute cancellations.

You may email the Organiser at


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