Thursday, September 18, 2008
Custard Pudding With Jelly

Ramadhan is the time when most people love to eat all sweet stuff & we're of no exception. Hence, during the first weekend of Ramadhan, I made these custard pudding with jelly. They're mmmm deliciously sweet & so smooth flowing down the throat.

Try it and you'll know what I mean.

I took the recipe from Koleksi Resipi Diana.


(For the jelly)

1 box of jelly (any flavour you like)

(For the custard pudding)

4½ cups water

½ cup sugar

1 cup custard powder

1 cup evaporated milk

½ cup cocktail juice

(For decoration)

1 tin mixed cocktail


(For the jelly)

1. Prepare jelly as per the instructions on the box.

2. Pour into containers & put them aside to harden.

(For the custard pudding)

1. In a saucepan over a small fire, mix custard powder, sugar & water.

2. Stir it slowly.

3. When it starts to boil, pour evaporated milk & cocktail juice.

4. Keep on stirring until the custard mixture is thick & shiny.

5. Remove from fire.

6. Pour the custard mixture into the awaiting jelly in the containers.

7. Cool them in the fridge.

8. Serve with the mixed cocktail.

Mmmm... sedap!


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